Monday, June 30, 2014

Pat Quinn: The Archetype of "Cheeky"

Pat Quinn: The Very Archetype of “Cheeky”

Poor Governor Quinn.  First sent to earth to fix a fiscal crisis in Illinois by calling it a pension problem, not a resulting debt for decades of stiffing what was owed to public workers. 

That’s a challenge. 

Now, he finds himself polling seriously behind a billionaire opponent candidate with only vague visions of a “better business climate,” a devoted love of profitable charter schools, and foggy promises about real plans to be shared in the future.  “We’ll get right back to you on that.”

Certainly, that’s frustrating. 

But Pat Quinn often operates like a Jack Horner, heaping praise upon himself for legislation and political history quite outside of his own doing…like SB1.  That was the work of Madigan, and now Pat, deep in a political corner, is calling out to his past constituency to help him battle Rauner.

Past constituency like me.

Right now, Quinn is running about 80% behind Rauner in donations for his gubernatorial campaign, so he’s reaching out to his past electorate once again for assistance. 

Are you kidding me, Pat?

You think you feel unappreciated?  You ought to be a public sector retiree, or worker, Pat.

I received your note this morning:

Midnight tonight marks the most critical fundraising deadline so far in this election.
It's a test of whether a grassroots campaign built by people like you can compete with a handful of billionaire donors.
Let's show them what we can do:
Thank you for standing with me in this fight.
Governor Quinn

Contributions are not tax deductible. State law requires that the occupation and name of the employer be reported for any individual who contributes over $500. Taxpayers for Quinn does not accept contributions from State employees. In addition, the Illinois Procurement Code prohibits certain businesses and their affiliates that have contracts, bids, and proposals with state agencies from making political contributions to state office holders responsible for awarding the contract. For more information about this campaign contribution limitation, please consult the State Board of Elections website.

Paid for by Taxpayers for Quinn. A copy of our report, filed with the IL State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the board's website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections in Springfield, IL. Taxpayers for Quinn

Quinn for Illinois
676 N LaSalle Street
Ste. 340
Chicago IL 60654 United States

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I’ve got to admit, Pat, it’s a tough choice.  You, the lesser of two evils; or Rauner, trying to work his dark magic in a state where the real sorcerer will thwart his every breath. 

And, Pat, you know there are hundreds of thousands of us who feel like I do. 

One day, yes; the next day, no way ever. 

As for your campaign, Pat?  Not a chance, not even a dime.

As for you?  Like I said, I sometimes waver, but I always feel unappreciated, Pat.  Thanks for that.

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