Friday, May 2, 2014

Hotline for Rauner to Expose Political Crimes? Are You Kidding?

"Really, I'll Drive You Nuts…"
HOTLINE!  Rauner Says If You’ve Seen Something Illegal, Call Me!

The Illinois Review, always a purveyor of items Tea Party, announced a short time ago that GOP candidate Bruce Rauner has “launched a statewide whistleblower tip line for citizens” who want to report corruption, misuse of state funds, etc. 

Where to begin? 

You’ll remember that in his televised political commercials, Rauner giddily warns his (democratic) wife, “Really, I’m gonna drive ‘em all crazy…” 

LOL and LOWoofs
And she laughs, and then they both laugh together in a kind of forced exaggeration, which is unsettling if not blatantly threatening. 

And now, gubernatorial candidate Rauner has created another catchy dodge to avoid any real in-depth explanation of his actual positions on budget or education or taxes  - and most anything else salient when it comes to voting for the next Governor of Illinois:  The Corruption Hotline.

If you spot your current Governor up to no good, you can call Rauner’s new HOTLINE:  855-PAT-TIPS.  If you prefer using the promised veil of technology, you can also email Bruce with your concerns at  

In actuality, Rauner is trying to ride the crest of the latest wave of investigations into fund mismanagement of Quinn’s anti-violence programs in Chicago, a carelessly run democratic operation possibly misappropriating untold amounts of money on ineffectual programs to provide cultural opportunities for children in high crime areas.

Give or take a decimal point...
Here’s a modest (and much better) proposal for a possible crime by current politician(s).  How about a Governor who ignored his oath of office, his refusal to uphold Article XIII, Section 5 of the Illinois Constitution to keep a legal promise and not diminish or impair the contractual guarantee for workers once they began employment with the State?

I called the HOTLINE tonight, and I even emailed my concerns as well.  

I certainly hope you will do the same.

Give or take a COLA.
In fact, I know many, many legislators who ignored their oaths and acted in a less than legal manner - in my opinion.  Nekritz?  Biss?  M. Davis?  Lou Lang?  Emil Jones?  Etc.

“Hello, Bruce Rauner.  My name is John Dillon, and I am reporting corruption in Illinois politics at the highest levels.  Governor Pat Quinn, along with members of the Senate and House, passed an unconstitutional bill called SB1 which ignores the earned rights of public workers, threatens the promised futures of current workers as well as current retirees, and avoids the contractual guarantees provided by the Illinois Constitution.  I really hope you will do something about this, Bruce, but I notice that you are not saying anything about it on your website.  I hope you’ll explain your position clearly, Bruce, and explain how you are a better choice for the many hundred thousands of us in the public sector service area.  Thanks, Bruce. “

Laughter and laughter, and even more laughter.

855-PAT-TIPS or  

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