Friday, May 16, 2014

Attorney General Declares Emergency? Glen Brown Responds.

"And I Promise to…"
Lisa Madigan Counters with “Emergency Powers” Argument:  Glen Brown Responds

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, daughter of SB1 designer Speaker Michael Madigan, put forth an argument yesterday to stop Judge Belz’s earlier Restraining Order granted to We Are One which asked for a stay in the implementation of the bill’s effective date of June 1, 2014.  We are One had argued effectively that realization of SB1 would cause irreparable damage to the lives and economic stations of hundreds of thousands of public sector workers in Illinois, and that enactment should be stopped until a legal ruling on the constitutionality of bill could be determined. Judge Belz of Sangamon County agreed.

The Attorney General was quick to respond.  Her office took the position of “emergency powers,” the authority to claim sovereign rights under an emergency to waive all contractual promises.  Police Powers. 

Blogger and friend Glen Brown has been considering “Emergency Powers” in the Attorney General’s response for several years in his postings. 

“A state’s option to exercise its police or eminent domain powers, however, has seldom been brought to the test for obvious reasons. To declare that Illinois is in an “emergency state,” without attempting revenue restructuring, for instance, will ignite an examination of the ethical and legal motivations of policymakers and whether they attempted to exhaust every alternative available to them for resolving the state’s financial debts before attempting to ignore a constitutional contract.”

"…now when it comes to the city…"
Glen looks at the same argument found in the preamble of SB1, a preamble drafted by Speaker Madigan and crafted by Speaker Madigan to argue “emergency.”  Glen discusses the immoral and unethical positions of such an argument, the disconnect to real history and purpose in the Illinois Constitution, and the lack of legal authenticity in the Speaker’s…and now his offspring’s arguments.

Read Glen’s thoughtful overview of the fallaciousness of the Attorney General’s position here:

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