Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get Up and Fight: Integrity

Mr. Gary Elman
Integrity: Gary Elman, IRTA President

Integrity (n);  a quality of being honest and/or fair; also, having strong moral principles.

On what would turn out to be a probably busy and very discouraging day for IRTA leader Gary Elman, he took the time to send out a few notes of thanks to the many who have been fighting this one-more assault and thievery of our constitutionally protected rights as public sector workers in Illinois. 

According to Mr. Elman, “integrity dictates our (IRTA) stance.”  Sadly, it does not everywhere.  Especially for the majority in Springfield.

I recall Elman’s exhortation at the IRTA Convention in Springfield, this fall that “We will sell our shoes” to fight against anything like this latest unconstitutional pension theft (SB1) in the courts.  Today, Black Tuesday, is the day to begin selling our shoes – if symbolically.

Dear Gary,

I wear New Balance Heritage/992 running shoes that retail at $149.95.  Please find enclosed a check for the IRTA Defense Fund for $149.95.

My hope is that my and your efforts will not only prove victorious in the battles to come, but that we will also expose the kind of ethical, immoral, and fiscal scapegoating of which so many are ignorant and so many are culpable.

Thanks for all you do.  All you have done.  And your commitment to this upcoming battle.

May the courts be with us,

John Dillon

By the way, integrity also means the state of being complete or whole.  I’d like to think that this is the perfect description of my fellow workers as we move forward in this battle.

If you’d like to sell your shoes too, please, now's the time!

Send to your checks to:

IRTA  (mention Defense Fund on notation line of check)
620 North Walnut Street
Springfield, IL  62702

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