Monday, December 30, 2013

Donations for IRTA Defense Fund!

I sold a pair of my shoes for IRTA.  What are yours worth?

Notice from Illinois Retired Teachers Association:

“On Friday, December 27, the Illinois Retired Teachers Association along with the Illinois Association of School Administrators filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court challenging the constitutionality of the new law that radically diminishes retired teachers pension benefits.
The law firm of Tabet, DiVito & Rothstein filed the lawsuit on behalf of the named plaintiffs and similarly situated persons.
Among other allegations the attorneys for the plaintiffs allege the new law (Public Act 98-0599) represents a clear violation of the Illinois Pension Code as it protects the retirement benefits of all retired educators, both retired and currently active.
The plaintiffs seek a declaration that P.A. 98-0599 is void in its entirety because it violates the Pension Protection Clause of the Illinois Constitution.
The IRTA expects other aggrieved parties will file similar challenges to the constitutionality of the new law.
To review the complaint in its entirety go to”

On my off days, which are less numerous than I thought when I retired, I work retail at a little bird food store in Palos Park.  I get paid in bird seed – literally.  By the way, grains are as expensive as everything else nowadays, and this is just one more reason for me to obsess on the continued thievery in the guise of legality by the General Assembly and Governor Squeezy.  It’s been an ethically irksome and morally discouraging end of year. 

Forget the wings, old man.
I sometimes picture particular legislators in tailored suits beating the Jesus out of Clarence the angel on the snow-covered bridge in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” while George Bailey and Old Man Potter decide what 401 K instrument would be best for the former’s  dismal prospects.

Even “…And God Bless Everyone” has a hollow ring to it. 

Yes, therapy is included in one of my upcoming resolutions –anger management for sure. 

Thank goodness for the IRTA.  Good for you too, even if you are still an active teacher reading this and planning on retiring one of these days, years or decades.  They refused to turn a blind eye to one more attempt to siphon benefits away from those who have given and retired, those who are giving now, and anyone else in Springfield who believes that the Constitution is just so much insignificant nonsense. 

Remember outgoing president Elman’s exhortation at the IRTA Convention in Springfield, this fall that “We will sell our shoes” to fight against anything like this latest unconstitutional pension theft (SB1) in the courts. 

At work and elsewhere now, I am drawn to footwear. 

Really nice shoes, kid.
Would you like some No-Mess seed with that? (nice Uggs!)  Happy Holidays, Niece! (whoa, Benjamin Adams?)  Glad to help you, sir. (Magnanni’s?) 

I received a really nice letter from IRTA last week thanking me for my donation to the defense fund.  How ‘bout you?

Dear Gary,

I wear New Balance Heritage/992 running shoes that retail at $149.95.  Please find enclosed a check for the IRTA Defense Fund for $149.95.

My hope is that my and your efforts will not only prove victorious in the battles to come, but that we will also expose the kind of ethical, immoral, and fiscal scapegoating of which so many are ignorant and so many are culpable.

Thanks for all you do.  All you have done.  And your commitment to this upcoming battle.

May the courts be with us,

John Dillon

P.S. I have more shoes in my closet.

If you’d like to sell your shoes too, please do it now.

Send to your checks to:

IRTA  (mention Defense Fund on notation line of check)
620 North Walnut Street
Springfield, IL  62702

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