Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Please Support the CTBA: Two Voices, Many Good Reasons

Please Support the Center For Tax and Budget Accountability: Two Important Voices, Many Good Reasons

The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability has just issued a reminder that tax-deductible donations would be very welcomed as the year moves to its ending.  The message from Kathy Miller, Director of Communications and Development, explains the CTBA’s bi-partisan approach and constant focus on data driven policy to promote social and economic justice. 

Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to watch the CTBA’s Executive Director Ralph Martire on programs like WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, assisting panel leader Carol Marin with the actual numbers, not just stock phrases or party slogans.  Without Ralph Martire’s passion and expertise for accuracy in the economic details of our State, such discussions would be useless in understanding Illinois’ fiscal situation.

Here are parts of Ms. Miller’s note.

“The 2014 midterm elections are behind us and at CTBA, as a bi-partisan think tank dedicated to social and economic justice through data-driven policy, we are undeterred by election results.  

  We work with people on all sides of the aisle, whatever political affiliation.
  We are always committed to designing policy reform initiatives that are rigorous and evidence-based.
  We deal with large, systemic challenges by taking an evidence-based, best-practice approach.
“In an election turnover such as the one this week, some things stay the same, like the unfunded pension liability. However, no one should be unprepared for the trials ahead. For example, if the temporary tax increase is not extended, loss of funding for programs ranging from domestic violence and child abuse prevention to care for seniors and people with disabilities will be devastating.

“The veto session in Springfield starts on Nov. 19. One issue for the Legislature to consider: 66% of Illinois voters approved the ballot question of whether the state hourly minimum wage should be increased to $10 by January 1, 2015. (Current IL minimum wage is $8.25 an hour.) According to the Economic Policy Institute's report, "Raising America's Pay: Why It's Our Central Economic Policy Challenge," despite increasing economic productivity, wages for most workers stagnated or declined since 1979. The veto session could very well be our last chance for much-needed progress, and everyone's help, morally, financially, and on the ground, is crucial. 

“Please take a moment to make a contribution to the Center ( HERE ) so we can remain your source for fact-based data, analyses and public education. “

Another insightful Reminder from Retired Educator WLSU Legislative Member Al Popwits:
"…our worst fears…realized"
"Our worst fears have been realized…Rauner is governor of Illinois. The next four years will require each of us to be diligent and well informed in order to protect ourselves against an onslaught of irrational pension and service cuts. We can expect subtle and not so subtle attempts to divide retirees and active teachers. Aside from being informed we must also inform others …fellow teachers, friends, and family. To do that we need to know the facts!
 The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA) has led the charge on pension issues. It has consistently pointed out that Illinois does not have a pension problem, but a debt problem caused by decades of not making full employer contributions to the state’s pension systems. 
Director Ralph Martire and his staff have for years gathered information which the IRTA, WLSU, and the IFT have used in their communications with state legislators. Mr. Martire is a frequent guest on Chicago Week In Review and other television programs where he advocates a sensible approach to cleaning up Illinois’ fiscal mess.
This valuable organization now needs our help. Since CTBA is a non-profit, it needs your financial support. Would you please join me in making a tax-deductible contribution to the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, 70 E. Lake Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, Ill 60601. 
Together we can win this battle, 

 Al Popowits

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