Sunday, October 26, 2014

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, Decisions…

The history is as varied as any ancient myth.  Unknown background…  Vague origin…  Immeasurable power and wealth…  Familial infighting and rumored tragedy… 

When the Mason de la Aristocracy Francais was built in the last few years, people braked cars on the minor highway so suddenly rear-end crashes became common – just like the small add-on homes surrounding the spectacular display of dazzling opulence in a south suburban Chicago.  In fact, the Chambre Royale resides almost directly opposite another rambling single-floor wood dwelling willing to part with a quarter acre along the railway.  Make an offer!

On the way home from a retail job in a strip mall, I noticed the huge eight foot-by-eight foot banner declaring the politique fovori…Bruce Rauner. 

“Why not?” I thought, regarding the car in front of me carefully.  Rauner promises the same kind of political fidelity to Illinois that Elizabeth Taylor did whenever she took the banns.   

Beyond promising us that he “will drive them all nuts,” Rauner also suggests he will not take a dime for the job of governor and he will not stay long.  Perhaps my tenure as a teacher has jaded me, but would I hire anyone who promises to work for nothing and will not be around long?  Think not.  And he promises to make sure the bathwater on the cement contains the baby?  Know not!

And Quinn? 

Symbol of Distress?
I called the office for the re-election of Governor Quinn last week.  Assistant Martin and I talked for a while, but he was uncomfortable about my question.  “Martin, how can Governor Quinn help me and the hundreds of thousands of others in the public sector vote for him this November?  Can he just tell us about Plan B?  If he could assure us that he would never support any reduction in pension benefits, we could help him over the hurdle, Martin.”

“We’ll be right back to you on that.  It’s a good question – Plan B?” 

E-mails, phone calls…nothing back yet. 

My bad?  My naiveté?

My good friend tells me I am a hopeless optimist, but he means it kindly.  There are no choices this year – meanwhile, smooth commercials describe Lisa Madigan as a friend of the elderly.   It’s crazy, isn’t it?

My friend says honestly and accurately that our situation is an embarrassment, a disappointment, a profound sadness, and a shame. 

“What an embarrassment it is that we did not pay attention to our union leadership when they were doing nothing about the Democratic/Republican choices for Illinois governor several months ago.

What a disappointment it is that we could not prevent the nominations of two candidates, Quinn and Rauner, who care less about working-class people they are supposed to represent.  

What a profound sadness it is that we did not challenge the Democratic/Republican One-Party Plutocratic System and its complicity with powerful, wealthy lobbyists.

What a shame it is that we perpetuate an unethical political system where our public employee unions endorse a governor who broke a constitutional contract with retirees and public employees; a governor who will challenge the State Constitution again if he is re-elected (when the pension theft reform bill is not upheld); a governor who indicated he will shift the State’s contributions to our retirement accounts from the State to local school districts and, thus, weaken the public school system and Teachers Retirement System; a governor who chose to ignore the state’s pension debt and revenue problems but chose to victimize public employees and retirees instead.

What a failure ineptitude is and the resultant choice now before us.

Quinn or Rauner will weaken the stability of the Teachers Retirement System and our faltering unions. We cannot allow another election between two abysmal candidates like Quinn and Rauner four years from now. We must prevent this catastrophe from ever happening again.”
(teacher/poet/musician : The Illinois Gubernatorial Election: We must prevent this catastrophe from ever happening again)

Tomorrow, my wife and I will wend our way to the early voting booth, and I will touch the screen for….   

Even now, I am torn apart by our indefensible and totally distasteful position(s). 

Make your best choice, my friends.

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  1. Hold your nose, bring your barf bag, and vote for the candidate you think will do you the least harm.