Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rep. Nekritz on Problems in SB1: Seriously, You Think We Care?

Representative Elaine Nekritz (D-Northbrook)

Rep. Nekritz on Serious Problems in SB1: We Can Fix It Later
Representative Elaine Nekritz (Northbrook) is still pushing the numbers as the reason to pass SB1 in the Senate and get it to a willing, waiting Governor to sign.  Forget the other stuff.
Forget about the promised court challenges? 
Forget that those numbers are the result benefits stripped from public employees in a State with a Constitutional Contract Clause?
Forget recent arguments by We Are One that savings in SB2404’s “consideration” would be four or more times higher than what Representative Nekritz and her spokespersons originally maintained for SB2404?
And now, forget about SB1’s forcing Tier One employees into the same overpayment of earnings for less than adequate retirement benefits? 
Finally, forget about the eventual issue of non-compliance with the Social Security Administration for creating a retirement scheme that will not meet Federal as a retirement structure?
Yep. Forget about it. 
You seriously think we care?
According to Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax, a spokesperson for Nekritz responded to the latest issue of federal non-compliance with, Simple answer is it’s an issue that’s not immediate — probably 10-12 years down the road — and could be addressed later. It shouldn’t stand in the way of a real solution like SB 1” (
Like you fixed Tier Two? 
You’ll probably fix that later too?  Probably an issue that’s not immediate until 25 or 30 years down the road.  Meanwhile, Tier Two people will continue to pay off the debt that legislators like Representatives Nekritz and others accumulated by taking the money from public employees.  Representative Nekritz called it “diverted not taken”; Fred Klonsky called that “ a distinction with no difference.” 
Meanwhile, just keep looking at the numbers.  The numbers, look at the numbers.


  1. Look at the numbers?
    Knowing where the numbers came from would help, but that would require the services of her proctologist.

  2. "Nekritz": an inflammation of the nerves starting in the neck and working 18 inches downward.

  3. And to think she is a democrat. She is more like a nazi could careless about working people She want to be the next Speaker

  4. She is a DINO, (Democrat In Name Only).