Saturday, November 14, 2020



Ten Years After…


Apologies in advance. This post will wander all about, but in keeping with 2020 not much remains undistorted anymore.


Ten days ago seems now much like Ten Years After.  And an old rocker like myself fondly recalls Alvin Lee’s singing “I’d Love to Change the World.”  And, honestly, I believe there are at least 78.5 million Americans who would agree with that idea right now…yesterday, in fact.


Of course, Trump refuses to accept the obvious outcome, just as his niece Mary Trump warned in her recent book and as Bill Maher has been finger-wagging for nearly four years. And, well, here we are.


But always the transactional narcissist and would-be dictator, Trump will not exit until he can feather his ample nest with more and more cash.  And his quietly frightened cohorts in the Trump/Republican Party will not be any obstacle, nor will those who still occupy shady if credentialed positions in the GOP’s transition to whatever it stands for now.  (Remember this last election cycle; the Party avoided identifying any platform whatsoever.) 


Newt Gingrich, for example.


I just received my call to action from Newt in my email.  I always enjoyed reading the descent of the Republican Party into chaos and fawning for an Uberfuhrer, so I never did hit that “unsubscribe” part of their blasts.  


Digression: When we taught together in high school, our language arts team often approached vocabulary as a student’s means to “play” with language while learning its power to generate a voice, a persona, a sense of emotion, and often an appreciation for persuasion – sometimes serious and sometimes ludicrous.  


I’m afraid poor Newt would not have fared so well in any of our classes. I’ll provide the plea for cash for Don at the end of this post, but you’ll notice there is no ethos, pathos, or logos in the emotional request.  Nothing playful or even interesting.  Anger, loathing,  and fear-mongering, in fact, is all that runs through it: 


“Friends:  The Election is unlike anything we have ever witnessed.  The systemic corruption is breathtaking. The mainstream media, the Left-wing academics, and the entrenched Democrats will all ask us to roll over right now.  There is voter fraud in this Election that MUST be reported and uncovered.” 


While it is true that the Election was unlike anything we have ever witnessed in the sheer numbers of people inspired to come to the polls – especially to rid ourselves of the current mistake – no one has found any systemic corruption, and judges are reprimanding the false claims of lawyers approaching the bench to find any for Trump.  Pennsylvania’s prestigious law firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur has withdrawn representing a suit to claim miscounts in that state.  Another firm in Arizona has done likewise.  There’s so much here. Okay, maybe a positive for ludicrous….  In his closing sentence, Newt suggests an illogical and perhaps alternative reverse of cause and effect: “reported and uncovered.”  Normally that phrase would be other way around, but this is 2020 and this is Newt.


Or is it?


I think maybe, just maybe, Newt plagiarized this from Stephen Miller.  Don’t you?




It’s time for us to get MAD.

This Election is unlike any we have ever witnessed. The systemic corruption is breathtaking. The mainstream media, the Left-wing academics, and the entrenched Democrats will all ask us to roll over right now. There is voter fraud in this Election that MUST be reported and uncovered.

President Trump isn’t backing down - nor should he - but he needs YOUR help to keep going. He’s calling on a select group of his STRONGEST supporters, like YOU, to step up and bolster our critical Election Defense Fund.

This is the moment that will decide everything - will you join President Trump and FIGHT for America’s future? 

He’s even agreed to increase your impact by 1000% if you ACT NOW.

 Thank you,

Newt Gingrich

 And now, “I’m Going Home.”

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  1. The most convincing lies are based on the truth.
    "The systemic corruption is breathtaking."
    America today has corruption as government.
    And Newt knows that, therefore he is still to be feared.